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Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Cass Clovers

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What's new with 4-H in Cass County

2014 Cass County Senior & Leader Awards

In case you missed the Senior & Leader Awards program on March 25, 2014 - here is a list of program winners and highlights.

Special thanks to the 2013 C-WF delegates for hosting the program, and the great job they did with their nod to Mother Nature and the blizzard of 2014.  Thank you Jeremiah Hartsell, Courtney Hartline, Christina Preston, and Tyler Ward.  (And special thanks to Mother Nature for providing yet one more snowfall to add to our decor!)  And what decor we had... individual snowflakes (each with a leader's name on it), and snowmen gallore.  Thanks Sleepy Hollow and Cowboy Up!

Thanks also to Erin Kramer, Santanna Mosher, and Elizabeth Stockwell - the teen representatives for Leaders' Assocation for all your help. 

Senior Scholarship Winners:     Brett Bowman and Hailey Wright

Danforth Award Winners:     Christina Preston and Tellie Sollman

2014 Outstanding Leaders:     Robin Brenneman and Linda Preston

Thank you Cass County Leaders' Association, Cass County Board of Commissioners, and ALL our volunteers, leaders, parents, and friends!!







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